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Jambiani  Print Version

  • On the East Coast of Zanzibar (approx. 60km to Zanzibar Town)
  • About 6000 inhabitants, main source of income: fishing (men) and seaweed-farming (women)
  • Traditional fishing village with basic tourist facilities. Nice little restaurants on the beach, several guuest houses and long sandy palm fringed beach.

Map of ZanzibarSeaweed-Farming in JambianiFishing Nets on the BeachThe Jambiani Way of LivingSunset in Jambiani
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Detailed Info

The quiet and idyllic village of Jambiani is situated on the southern part of the East Coast of Zanzibar, about 60 km away from Zanzibar Town and in nice contrast to the somehow noisy and over-crowded tourism areas in the north of Zanzibar. Mass tourism is still uncommen in Jambiani - and if you find the old Stone Town of Zanzibar already a place of rest and peace, then we're sure you will discover your personal little paradise in Jambiani!

A Village in Harmony with Nature

Jambiani has a current population of about 6000 people (approx. 2000 children). The houses in Jambiani are - to a great extent - built with local materials which are sufficiently available all around the village - coral stone, wood and palm leaves.

The daily living in Jambiani is mainly determined by the sea. Fishing is an important source of income for male villagers. At daylight or even at night (depending on tide) they go out to the sea with their local boats to catch a huge variety of fresh fish or hunt for octopus at the reef.

This reef (approx. 500m away from the beach) shields the beach of Jambiani from the rough sea and makes another source of income for local people possible - seaweed-farming. Jambiani women hold a long tradition in cultivating seaweed for export to the vegetarian food and health industry.

Keep on "pole, pole"!

Finally some basic words about culture. It won't take long till you hear the term "pole, pole" ("slowly, slowly" in English) in Zanzibar for the first time. Slowness is an integral part of Zanzibarian culture. People of Zanzibar create and organize time but do not serve it.

During your holiday in Zanzibar you won't only see smiling and friendly faces - this is a stereotyped idea that no culture in the world can meet - but you will hardly find really busy or stressed people. Sitting and chatting, watching what's going on or just a little daydreaming is part of the daily Zanzibarian living and is not considered lost or non-productive time. Free your mind and dive into the rhythm of Zanzibar island, you will discover this particular "treasure" of Zanzibarian culture and enjoy your holiday in Zanzibar!

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